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Updates and Changes

Hello to you all! I want to first say I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with this blog. I have been exceptionally busy over at Eat Sleep Write. I now write a daily Q&A blog there on the subject of publishing, writing, and promoting your books.

Since that information is going to be all over there, I’ve decided to resurrect this blog (zombie blog, ooo!) as a more personal blog about my life and my writing. Expect lots of cat photos. Does this mean I won’t give advice here? Well, not necessarily. If someone asks me a question I will probably answer.

So, that begs the question: what the heck have you been doing!?

I was married in September to an incredible man. I am currently the EIC of Eat Sleep Write, and I have a mysterious “harebrained scheme” I am cooking up in the background. Want to know more about my harebrained scheme? Well, too bad! You’re going to have to wait just like everyone else. But I will tell you this: it does have to do with writing.

I have also been doing book reviews on Eat Sleep Write as well as doing author interviews for the site. In short? I’ve been living there. I have a space in the back. No. Really. Ask Adam. I am also working on writing a novel series I am certain you will hear me ranting and raving and roaring about a fair amount. It’s in the final stages of my first draft, and the working title is Gealltanas (GILL-tinas). The word is Gaelic for “binding promise”. While I will likely change it in the future (because no one but me or people who speak Gaelic will get it) I really like the image it creates because it has a lot to do with the story.

That’s it for this update. It’s great to be back here; I’ve missed you all!