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Book Review: They Call Me Murdered

I had the pleasure of reading “They Call Me Murdered” by author Cyndi Lord as my first review. While some parts of the book challenged me, it was worth it, and the book was a roller coaster of emotion and human experience. Without spoilers, let’s dive into the world of Sandra Derringer.

Unable to ignore the gift of channeling the dead, Sandy, a thirty-two year old private investigator, disregards most other-world intrusions. When a murdered University Professor contacts her through extraordinary means, she agrees to help. Hectic and dangerous cases take her to the brink of death when she begins working with the entity propelled into her life. Trapped in the chasm of lies, deceit and murder, the twists launch her onto a roller coaster ride from hell. Certain no escape exists, she finds comfort with her dog, Drew, and his comical, unearthly abilities. Will it all rob her of the happiness she’s found after being afraid of love? Or, will it cost her life as the spirit hints?

The book starts out with a bang, and the tension builds from there. The story incorporates raw human elements that, while difficult to experience sometimes, provide a picture of reality. It addresses difficult and painful decisions and lets us ride shotgun with Sandy as she faces these experiences head on.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the way the main character develops and grows through her experiences. In a surprisingly large portion of modern fiction, characters do not grow or develop. They start perfect. Sandra is flawed and very real; she could be anyone making those choices.

The author’s personal experience as a PI provides a strong backbone of authenticity to the process and trappings of the story. The investigation, the experiences, the fear, the mistakes, they feel grounded and honest because they stem from a real person. Unlike Sherlock Holmes, Sandra doesn’t get it right all the time or even make the best decision at every stage of the book.

I also really enjoyed the way the author developed several distinct threads and plots within the book and tied them together in the climax. Each portion of the story fell like a domino into the next, creating a chain reaction that raced toward the finish line.

I give “They Call Me Murdered” a huge thumbs up and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good supernatural thriller.


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