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Upcoming Changes

First thing I want to do is thank everyone that has followed, read, and shared my blog! You have all been great, and I hope to continue sharing in your writing journey.

There are some changes coming that will be adjusting how this blog is run. First of all, as I have posted about before, I am currently helping manage Eat Sleep Write (www.eatsleepwrite.net). It’s an awesome writing community I hope I can encourage you all to be part of. All my blog posts are available on ESW, and I am writing there regularly.

The second major change is I am going to be turning my focus toward writing on ESW. I will still be providing the same “how to” blog posts (and more!) and giving insights and writing pieces to anyone and everyone! I will be responding to comments, emails, and thoughts. However, this means I will only be updating this blog once a month from here on out. I can’t keep double posting because it is driving ESW’s SEO plugin absolutely nutty which means I have to rewrite things twice to get them up (which is a pain). SO! I will, henceforth, be updating almost exclusively on ESW.

The good news is that with me moving over to ESW I will be posting more frequently, be more accessible (please shoot me an email at beth@eatsleepwrite.net!) and will be able to offer more content as I launch my Q&A series and continue my usual fare of thoughts and insights into writing. I will also be posting my personal writing on ESW.

The first Q&A blog post is available here: http://eatsleepwrite.net/qa1. The Copy Desk on ESW is my personal blog where I will be updating posts and information far more than once a week.

I look forward to seeing all of my familiar faces there and having you all join me on my new page!


Guest Blogs, ESW, and Podcasting

English: Podcast or podcasting icon Français :...
English: Podcast or podcasting icon Français : Icône pour les podcasts ou la baladodiffusion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well! I’m sure those of you that follow my blog regularly have noticed I have a new schedule. The way I’m going to be handling guest blogs from now on (since I have so many) is I will be doing Guest Blog Thursday! Every Thursday I have a guest blog, one will be posted. That way I will still be able to post my weekly nuggets of wisdom without making my guest bloggers wait for a year and a day. I hope this new posting schedule will work for everyone.

To anyone out there in blog land that wants to do a guest blog here please feel free to contact me! I love doing swaps or guest blogs because it helps reach a broader audience by giving out more diverse information.  I will send you the list of things I’d like to know (links, book titles, etc.) so I can add a blurb at the beginning of your post.

Now, onto ESW! I have been working with and have a podcast in production with the website Eat Sleep Write. It’s a growing community based around the Eat Sleep Write podcast hosted by Adam Scull. It’s a great chance to share your point of view with the world and be part of something exciting. ESW is devoted to being a safe place for authors to share their experiences, their stories, and their journey. The website is supported through reasonably priced cover ads on their main website (if you’re interested in marketing your book it’s a good way to get out there!), and Adam is an extremely skilled reporter who has spent most of his career working for major news outlets.

I know, that sounded like a sales pitch. It kind of is. I really believe in what Adam is doing and am very excited about where it’s going to go. I also have a podcast coming out in the near future that I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you. I’m going to be doing some semi-regular place there, or so I hope, to do an editing panel.

As I’ve been working with Adam I’ve been coming to realize the importance of podcasting in the writing world. I don’t mean this as a marketing spiel. I mean it seriously. It’s a great way to connect and share your book in a new way. Podcasts are also an incredibly popular media outlet these days and are something not to be overlooked. When marketing your book it may be worth considering podcasts as a way to get the word out. There are many in addition to ESW related to writing that a Google search will turn up quickly.