Freelance Work

In addition to my publishing work I also do freelance editing. HOWEVER: Keep in mind that if I work with you it is not a guarantee a publisher will publish your book.

If you’re still interested here are the editorial services I offer:

This service is basic once-over for grammatical problems and formatting errors that can be changed. This service is ideal for theses, synopses, query letters, and other such writings. It is also the least expensive of the available services.

Mechanical Editing
At this level, I correct errors in spelling, grammar,  and passive voice problems. I also will note errors in consistencies in plot (such as names, locations, etc.) and assist in ensuring that captialization and formatting are correct.

Comprehensive Editing
This level of editing includes a complete review of your manuscript with a detailed overview of the reccommended structural, organizational, and developmental changes that I recommend. This also includes a sample of my mechanical edits for the first three chapters of the work.

Substantive Editing
This tier is more intensive and includes more detailed information regarding organization, presentation, and sentence structure. Word choice and references cited (if a nonfiction work) and other such formatting details are also taken into consideration. This also includes the flagging of terms that may demonstrate a bias; be negative or offensive; and assisting in concepts; characterization details; and plot points. This tier also includes a mechanical edit.

Keep in mind that I will not necessarily work with everybody (I work three jobs!) but if you’re interested and want to inquire at my rates, please send an email including the following information to

  • Your name (real name, please), address, and contact information.
  • A brief overview of your work including a short synopsis, genre, word count, and any other information you believe is pertinent.
  •  What type of editing you are looking for.

I will get back to you as soon as I am able regarding your request and hopefully we will come to an agreement!


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