Setbacks and Momentum

Today’s blog post comes to you from the land of “ARRRGH! NO! WHY!”.

I haven’t been talking about it on my Blog, but if any of you follow me around Facebook you’ll know I’ve been having computer problems for awhile. First my writing program somehow ate over 10k of a manuscript I’ve been working on. Then my motherboard started to die, so I rebuilt the system. Then I found out that the CPU I purchased to rebuild the system was borked. Now, today, my computer has given me the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

All of this has been happening to the computer I do most of my writing on, and I hadn’t yet finished backing up my files to my secondary hard drive, nor had I been smart enough to load everything into DropBox or Google Drive. Lesson learned. But what I wanted to talk about today wasn’t so much why you should back up your stuff as what to do, emotionally, when this happens.

We will all face times when, for various reasons, we lose steam on a piece we’re working on. In some cases the piece is gone forever and we have to start fresh, but in other cases we might just wind up having to walk away from it for awhile. I know for me, after losing that 10k on the novel I was working on I couldn’t even look at it for about four months. Every time I loaded it I just wanted to scream “I wrote this already!”. I think we’ve all been there.

I can’t give you a perfect solution for this situation, but I can tell you it gets better. Until this most recent episode of “Days of Our Computer” I had been able to reawaken the fire for that WIP again and returned myself to where I’d originally lost steam. It DOES get better, but you just have to be patient with yourself. If you need to take a break on something go ahead and take it – there’s nothing wrong with setting something down for awhile so long as you pick it up again!


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