I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding the energy to write lately. With adjusting my schedule, picking up violin students, and all the work with Eat Sleep Write it’s like having several full time jobs! However, I’m finding that inspiration – fickle wench that she is – likes to pounce on me at random and demand I start doing things. The most annoying part about it is that she keeps giving me ideas for new stories without me having finished the old ones.

Personally, I blame the fact that spring is starting to show. I noticed about an hour ago that the large, hundred-year-old maple trees outside my windows are starting to show signs of budding and preparing for spring. Today I got my seeds all started in my living room where the cats are certain to wreak havoc on them, but it’s too cold to do it on the porch, so… there they shall stay. Despite New England’s apparent dedication to making us all miserable this year with the extended winter and bi-polar weather patterns, I think it may be coming close to the time we welcome spring back into our world.

During the winter, like so many others, I just want to hibernate. It becomes dark and cold, and everything outside just wants to bite me. While I do love winter (but only until about mid-January), I think that many of us end up struggling during that time. It’s rather ironic because the time when we are indoors and not at the beach, hiking, swimming, or handling little ones who are home from school… we just want to sleep and drink cocoa. Who’s with me? I would liken my muse to a cat. It wants to go out whenever it’s inconvenient for me, but when I finally walk to the door to let it out it sticks its tail up, snorts at me, and struts away.

The good news is I’ve been able to force myself to keep going, and I’ve gotten a fair amount of work done. The bad news is that I have about 500 more books in my head all arguing about who I am going to write first. C’est la vie.


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