Winter and Spring

Two days ago it was fifty degrees and lovely. Today it was sixteen. On one hand, these dramatic weather changes are some of the things I enjoy about living in New England. On the other hand when you’re ready for spring to start it is agonizing. While the days are getting longer, and the sunset promised better weather tomorrow (it was freezing rain and snow today), I am still itching to get my seeds planted. Spring couldn’t come soon enough for me.

I am a gardener, though not a great one. I’m still learning, but I have the itch, and it means that looking out the window in mid-March and seeing snow on the ground makes me want to bite things. I think I may be able to sate my need for gardening with planting my seeds to start them inside. I’ve got an assortment of various things I would like to try this year. And saying that reminds me I need to buy watermelon seeds.

I am really enjoying this learning curve, and it gets me outside. I can’t do a great deal (I have fibromyalgia), but I can overwater things every few days and maybe have some asparagus to show for it. Maybe. I think I should try potatoes again, too. The last time I did I got potato salad out of it. It was wonderful. There is a great deal of satisfaction in feeding your family with things you’ve grown with your own hands.


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