Nerd Chick Away!

My schedule has been incredibly hectic lately. As I keep complaining about – I’ve been trying to get time management stuff down. At this point, I’m practically living in my Google calendar to manage everything I’m doing. The good news is that I’m getting the hang of this, I think.

As far as the nerd chick part – I’ve joined the SCA. I think it will be good for my research in the medieval period, and I think running around in a medieval dress playing fiddle at people is going to be a huge amount of fun. It will also be a good way to get me away from my computer and maybe help me pick up some new violin students.

I’ve also been getting a lot of writing done, which makes me happy. My novel is at about 61,000 words currently, and is doing well. I’ve made some changes to the format and have decided to end it in a different place than I originally intended. I’ve been fighting with where I should end it, and I think I’ve finally made up my mind to combine the first two books of the series into one because the first one, as it was, was going to be rather short, and I don’t think it would have ended in the right place.

My work at Eat Sleep Write is going very well, and I’m having an awesome time. My “harebrained scheme” is also in the works, though right now I’m just playing the waiting game which is enough to make anyone want to tear out their hair. I know it’s no one’s fault that I’m in limbo, but arrrrrrgh!


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