Upcoming Changes

First thing I want to do is thank everyone that has followed, read, and shared my blog! You have all been great, and I hope to continue sharing in your writing journey.

There are some changes coming that will be adjusting how this blog is run. First of all, as I have posted about before, I am currently helping manage Eat Sleep Write (www.eatsleepwrite.net). It’s an awesome writing community I hope I can encourage you all to be part of. All my blog posts are available on ESW, and I am writing there regularly.

The second major change is I am going to be turning my focus toward writing on ESW. I will still be providing the same “how to” blog posts (and more!) and giving insights and writing pieces to anyone and everyone! I will be responding to comments, emails, and thoughts. However, this means I will only be updating this blog once a month from here on out. I can’t keep double posting because it is driving ESW’s SEO plugin absolutely nutty which means I have to rewrite things twice to get them up (which is a pain). SO! I will, henceforth, be updating almost exclusively on ESW.

The good news is that with me moving over to ESW I will be posting more frequently, be more accessible (please shoot me an email at beth@eatsleepwrite.net!) and will be able to offer more content as I launch my Q&A series and continue my usual fare of thoughts and insights into writing. I will also be posting my personal writing on ESW.

The first Q&A blog post is available here: http://eatsleepwrite.net/qa1. The Copy Desk on ESW is my personal blog where I will be updating posts and information far more than once a week.

I look forward to seeing all of my familiar faces there and having you all join me on my new page!


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